Ignorance of The Law is No Excuse

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A Valuable Resource To Help Better Understand The Texas Criminal Justice System.
Tarrant County, TX, July 1, 2015- Being one of only ten attorneys in the state of Texas certified in both criminal and juvenile law-no easy accomplishment in a state that has over 85,000 attorneys- Brian J Willett stays a very busy man. He is the go-to person that people depend on when they get in trouble; they don’t want “legalese” they want something simple to help them navigate the often-complex Texas criminal justice system. His latest book, Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse (Outskirts Press), now in its third edition, is a virtual handbook that not only provides trusted information on criminal law options, but additionally offers guidelines to better educate a person about the Texas criminal legal system.
Covering nearly every possible scenario, complete with examples to illustrate complex situations, the book offers a common sense approach to understanding the Texas criminal justice system. It is packed with information on drug charges, DWI’s, weapon charges, sexual offenses, family assaults, driver’s license suspensions, bonds, juvenile law, expunctions of criminal records and so much more.
“I have spent my whole 25 plus year career defending individuals accused of criminal or juvenile offenses. My experience is from the position of a criminal defense attorney and only a criminal defense attorney.”

Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse
Outskirts Press (Third edition, May 3, 2104)
ISBN-13: 978-1478730149
Also available at Amazon.com